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Why choose JG Maritime Solutions Limited ?


Extensive research and assessment of shipbuilders of Ro-Ro Passenger vessels (Ro-Pax)

• Independent strategic advice and guidance to shipowners and government entities

• Technical specification, procurement & programme management  of Ro-Ro Passenger Ferries and High Seed Craft

• Classification Society reviews and assessment

• Flag state engagement

• Naval architects’ evaluation and recommendation

• Shipbroker's evaluation and recommendation

Development to safe, net zero, environmentally UK domestic vessels

Ship Management & Safety Culture

Identify, develop and implement safe maintenance solutions

Crewing management including Pilotage Exemption Certificates

Safety Culture, human element and human factors in maritime operations

Support crew members to enhance their safety culture and reduce their risk exposure

• Commercial management, vessel chartering and post fixture requirements

• Crewing management including Pilotage Exemption Certificates

• Technical management including ship maintenance and repairs as well as dry-docking, conversions and in water surveys

Delivery of Maritime Resource Management techniques to support “Zero Harm” policies

  Bridge Resource Management techniques displayed on full bridge mission simulators


Regulatory Affairs

Chairmanship of regulatory committees behalf of industry associations & class societies

Advice and guidance in the development and promotion of policies, standards, and regulations in relation to Maritime Safety, and Pollution Prevention

• Contribute to IMO submissions and attend IMO behalf of Interferry

•  Lobby and influence maritime regulatory authorities for improved rule making

• Review and development of IMO model training courses 

New Business Opportunities

Evaluation and development of new maritime business opportunities in existing and new routes and geographies

• Evaluation of new technologies and products for both existing and new vessels

• Research, report and provide impartial strategic advice on new business opportunities

• Bid writing of commercial and government tenders

Clean Maritime & Alternative Fuels

•  Strategy and policy development to meet the environmental emission reduction targets

• Evaluation of Zero Emission Technologies to incorporate in existing and new vessels

• Strategic advice on the use of alternative and clean fuels for the maritime sector

•  Decarbonisation of the maritime sector by development of “net zero” roadmaps and alternative clean fuels for propulsion

• Environmental Management strategies

Building partnerships and consortium's to facilitate collaboration in the development & deployment of alternative fuels in the maritime sector

Management Audits & Implementation Plans

ISM, ISPS & MLC audit, review, and implementation plans 

• ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 audits, review, and implantation plans

• Company and ship risk appraisals with advice on improvement initiatives

• Port & Marine Safety Code audits and implementation plans



Procuring and building of new ro-ro passenger ferries (Ro-Pax). Detailed knowledge of passenger ferry business

Open, honest, transparent, independent advice provided demonstrating leadership

Board level experience in public, private and both national and international maritime trade associations

"Thought Leadership" to develop a direction of travel, prior to landing on a preferred solution

Delivers transformational change programmes to transform performance to levels previously thought unachievable

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Global Solutions our Clients value

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